Letter sounds

Adults frequently teach young children the sounds that letters make. For letter-sound knowledge to enhance beginning reading, it is critical that adults model the correct pronunciation of letter-sounds.  Below are the letters, sounds, and word examples that will help you pronounce the sound correctly.

Letter                Sound               Word                  

                       /sss/                  sam                    

m                      /mmm/               mat                      

short a                /aaa/                 apple                    

t                        /t/                      tap                       

r                        /rrr/                    rat                        

short i                 /iii/                   igloo                        

f                        /fff/                    family                       

d                       /d/                      dog                           

short o              /ooo/                 octopus                   

g                       /g/                    goat                           

                      /lll/                     lollipop                      

h                      /h/                      hat                            

long a               /aaa/                  able                             

short u              /uuu/                 under                           

b                     /b/                       bubble                            

n                     /nnn/                   nose                             

k                     /k/                       kite

short e            /eee/                    egg

w                     /www/                wood

j                       /j/                        jump

c                      /c/                       car

p                      /p/                      purple

y                     /yyy/                    yo-yo

th                     /th/                     throw

long e               /eee/                  easy

z                     /zzz/                   zoo

long u               /uuu                use

long i                 /iii/                    island      

qu                    /kw/                   quiet

long o              /ooo/                  over

v                      /vvv/                    valentine

x                     /ks/                     box