Decodable words

The following table shows the words that your child should be able to decode.



Decodable Words

r, t, m, s, a


r, t, m, s, a


i, r, t, m, s, a


f, i, r, t, m, s, a

sat, am

f, i, r, t, m, s, a


d, f, i, r, m, s, a

rim, sat, mat

m, s, t, a, i, r, f d

fat, Sam, mit

o, m, s, t, a, i, r, f, d

fit, rid, dim

m, s, t, a, i r, o, f, d

fit, rid, dim

g, i, o, d, f, a, t, m, s

it, is, fat

g, i, o, d, f, a, t, r, m

dog, rat, dig

l, g, o, f, r, t, i, a

dog, fat

a, g, o, f, r, t, i, a, l

it, dog, is

a, g, o, f, r, t, i, a, l

fat, is, it

h, a, g, o, s, m, r, i, a, l

dig, fat, it

u, l, a, h, g, a, i, o, t, s

sad, a, is, dog

C, l, a, h, u, t, m, a, m, s, g

hog, Sam, a, is

b, t, i, h, g, u, m, s

it, him, is, his

n, b, i, h, g, s, t, c, u

bat, big, his, mat, fit, fist

k, n, o, t, g, s

sack, gun, got, sit, not

e, n, u, b, m, o, g, s, i, l a, a

big, it, can, run, dog,


w, e, n, u, b, o, g, s, i, a, l, a,

it, is, will, tack, fit,

on, rug

j, w, e, n, u, h, o, g, s, i, a, l, a

on, rock, hot, is, log, has, it, a


p, w, j, e, n, a, c u, h, o, s, i, l, a

can, it, jump, fast, run, off, a, hot, log

y, p, w, j, e, n, c u, h, o, s, i, a, l, a


red, pot, can, not, pan,

can, tin

th, y, o, a, a, c, f, i, b, j, g, th

is, see, me, cat, yet, it, big, fast

I, y, o, s, a, a, th, b, e, i, g, r, I

not, the, this, a, me, see, red

sh, j, I, v, a, a, e, f, s, h, e, m, w, b

this, jet, a, see, fast, if, I, the

o, j, I, sh, a, a, e, d, s, th, e, m, w, o, h

this, big, can, see, ham, fast, red, yet, man

v, y, I, sh, a, a, e, d, s, th, e, m, w, o, h

go, ship, shut, will, we, fast, on, am, I

y, i, sh, a, v, u, th, e, m, w, o, h, c, b

it, ship, green, me, see, fast, on, go

ing, v, a, th, f, sh, r, e, a, i, u, p, k, b, i, ing

is, on, ride, the, like, fun, it, see

v, a, th, f, sh, r, e, a, I, i, p, k, j, u,ing

frog, run, jump, the, green, go, grass, fast, will

y (with a line over it) a, th, n, sh, e, e, I, i, p, o, ing

can, run, jump, me, green, go

n, c, ing, o, j, g, a, i, o, y (with a line over it)

like, name, jumping, my, is, going

ch, r, ing, th, I, k, a, o, a, o, s

sing, ring, jumping, run, is, like, it, thing

r, ing, ch, k, j, I, i, o, s, t

sing, singing, I, jumping, jump, like, it, ramp

a, ing, th, n, c, h, i, i, o, p, a

help, sing, singing, to, helping, with, me, can, chop

v, u, ch, d, sh, b, c, I, i, k, s

ride, fun, bike, bus, ship, go, a

v, a, n, sh, b, c, g, i, r, ing

van, red, green, see, riding, on, ship, black

er, T, t, sh, th, a, l, d, b, e, I, i

and, stop, if, will, van, yet, yes, am, bus, go


s, T, t, e, h, sh, o, i, ing, v, er

ship, wave, on, waves, he, riding, make, am, big, will

o, ch, m, b, u, ing, f, T, er, w

fast, fun, we, my, by, much, so, go, sit, sitting (my and by have a line over y)

xer, e, sh, p, m, ch, P, T, S

help, lunch, much, take, job, trash, him

er, e, x, th, w, c, m, Y, W, e

feed, and, take, care, sleep, with, it, him

x, er, sh, u, b, y (with a line over it), h, n, o, a

my, sister, bus, take, egg, cake, stop, the, six, take


oo, x, er, sh, u, b, y (with a line over it), I, s, t, a

box, sister, care, her, best, fix, stop

x, er, sh, u, b, y (with a line over it), I, t, a

box, sister , care, her, best, fix, stop

u, P, p, th, e, r, ing, j, a, y

pal’s, is, riding, running, see, jumping, name, bike

 u, o, a, e, w, W, s, d, I, c

can, and, lake, lot,

gets, dog, dock, swim

ea, u, i, th, sh, l, er, M, T, B

bit, bite, kind, use,

rule, rules, be, list

y, ch, i, u, D, d, sh, ea, oo

eat, eating, chip, chips, and, yum, yes, catch

x, oo, u, u, e, a, c, C

room, soon, moon, went, swim, swimming, with, cool

Vce rule (An “e” at the end of a word can jump backwards over one consonant to a vowel. Then the magic “e” will make the vowel say it’s letter name) , x, oo, u, ea, C, u

broom, clean, game, hope, cube, smile, gate, here, cheap, yell, jerk

wh, er, C, ea, u, oo, sh, Vce rule, y, M

treat, groom, clean, wake, rule, tote, use, life, meat, boom

ou, D, wh, oo, Vce rule, u, u, x,er

when, whim, whiff, teacher, read, white, Dane, Mike, smoke, flute, heat, Dan

ar, ch, sh, M, ing, h, n, T, b

out, count, loud, number, rake, hope, hut, while, here, hop, chart, pout

L, B, b, ar, T, v, y, wh, w

Lee, sharp, mouth, dive, skate, tot, cape, smile, cap, tote, cake, shouting, march

qu, L, ar, w, wh, ch, sh, h

Lee, Carmen, shine, star, clouds, whine, booth

F, qu, L, ar, wh, oo, y, v

quit, park, slide, Barb, swim, quote, stool

oa, ck, F, qu, L, ar, wh, ing, oo

quill, darker, getting, swam, home, Fran, quite

z, oa, qu, ar, ing, sh

groan, moon, cheek, here, bench, boast, slick

ee, z, oa, qu, wh, ch

zipper, quack, smiles, Zig, reach, Zack, coach

H, z, ee, oa, qu, wh, ch, ar

Fred, Buzz, bee, teach, read, toad, Flop, quote, sheet, while, coast

ai, H, ee, oa, z, qu, ar, oo

Buzz, Fred, bee, toad, sweet, smooch, boat, whiff, tar

G, F, ee, oa, z, ai, qu, oo

reading, finger, sound, out, check, air, paint, feet

or, G, ee, ai, oa, oo, wh

smart, chart, air, sounds, float, street, chair

z, or, ai, oa, oo, ee, G

neat, hive, queen, king, jobs, porch, snail, boot, sleep, loan

ol, ai, oa, ee, G oo, z, or, ar

train, mail, hard, north, wheels, track, wheel, moon, float, stair, quiz, mars

R, ol, oa, ee, oo, Z, or, ar

mail, going, getting, forming, fear, bold, tail, load, weed, boot, fort, arm

oi, R, ol, oa, ee, oo, z, or, ar, G

 rails, rain, track, feel, snort, steam, sound, Russ, gold, main, toast, tree, cool, Mort, Carl

E, oi, R, ol, ai, oa, oo, z, or

colt, weak, slick, track, steep, roast, old, flair, float, shoot, torch

oy, oi, E, R, ol, oo, z, ea

steam, Faith, bold, crept, slick, wheels, Ed, coin, Red, short, pain, pool, flick

A, oy, oi, E, R, ai, oo, ar

Troy, coin, gold, oil, joy, Ed, Roy, boom, jar, whiff

ir, ur, er, A, oy, oi, E, oo

team, join, Troy, gold, coin, Lee, Roy, joint, bloom, loaf, feed

ow, ir, ur, A, oy, E, oo

ground, dirt, squirt, clearer, smirk, turn, Ad, toys, moon

N, ow, ir, ur, A, oy, E, ol, or, Z

share, matter, stirring, hurt, slow, roller, burnt, whirl, hoist, bold

igh, N, ow, ir, ur, A, z

neat, hive, queen, king, jobs, grown, smirk, lurch, Ann, zipper

ay, igh, N, ow, ir, ur, oy, R, oi

fire, fighter, boots, burning, girls, sight, Ned, crow, Kirk, burst, joys, Rust, oils

J, ay, igh, N, ow, oy,

Turner, Street, barn, goat, weeping, burning, stay, right, Ness, show, smirk, churn

au, aw, J, ay, igh, N, ol

ropes, tight, cannot, spray, necks, mood, roach, stream, streets, might

ew, au, aw, J, ay, igh,

spraying, scream, rooster, rafters, window, order, flair, stoop, moan, crayon, stray, flaw, vault

ph, ew, au, aw, J, ay, igh, ir, ur, A

lawn, smolder, kindness, spraying, August, straw, foil, jeep, border, farther, Jeff

kn, ph, ew, au, aw, J, ow

lawn, high, phone, cow, jaw, straw, coil

wr, kn, ph, ew, au, aw, ay, igh, N

knew, stay, night, phew, Nan


sprayed, flawed, ordered, played


Face, grace, lace, place, race, space


Mice, dice, nice, rice, slice


Page, cage, wage, rage


Judge, ledge, fudge, badge


Question, action, fraction


Wrong, song, long, ding dong


Strung, rung, lung


Rang, sang, fang

Going out with a BANG


(Gibbs, Miller, Cooke, Algozzine & Shalvis, 2003).